Strawberry & Maple Afternoon Tea
Date:January 1 to May 31 2019

The Dining Room is offering a new afternoon tea themed ‘strawberry & maple syrup ‘. You can enjoy various combinations of strawberry and maple sweets such as a maple scone with strawberry cream, fresh strawberries with maple chocolate dip. 

○  Date
January 15 - May 31

○  Price
 Weekdays \4,000/ Weekends & Holidays \4,500 
 Free tax and service charge + a glass of wine booking via online reservation

○ Time
(first seating)15:30~17:00
(second seating)16:00~17:30 

○ メニュー内容

・Fresh strawberries / Maple syrup / Maple syrup and condensed dipping sauce
・Strawberry Dacquoise ・Strawberry Lamington
・Strawberry macaron・Maple meringue・Strawberry roll cake
・Maple cup cake ・Maple scone / Strawberry clotted cream

・Bagel with strawberry cheese ・Strawberry and Prosciutto Tempura
・Strawberry and Octopus Pinchos

 Coffee、Tea、Chocolate milk 20 kinds
(All beverages are free flow.)

※All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.
※ Image only
※ Subject to tax and a service charge


Reservations and inquiries
TEL:+81(0)3 5783 1258 (9a.m. ~ 11p.m.)
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