The Perfect Day

Craft your perfect day in Tokyo

Craft your perfect day in Tokyo. May your day in Tokyo be a mosaic of experiences, weaving together tradition and innovation, leaving you with cherished memories that linger long after the day's end.


A Large Display Of Fish

Tsukiji Market

Where Freshness Meets Passion: Explore Tsukiji Market, the Treasury of Flavors.

Located within walking distance from Ginza, Tsukiji Market is a captivating spot where tradition blends seamlessly with modernity, offering an escape from the bustle of the city center. Nestled close to historical landmarks like Tsukiji Honganji Temple and Hama-rikyu Gardens, it allows visitors to indulge in both sightseeing and shopping simultaneously.

Even after the market's relocation to Toyosu in 2018, Tsukiji Outer Market continues to thrive, offering a vibrant experience. At Tsukiji Uoichiba (Tsukiji Fish Market), discover a variety of fresh vegetables and reasonably priced seafood. Rare fish not commonly found in supermarkets await, and depending on time, witness captivating fish cutting shows, making it more than just a shopping destination but an exhilarating experience.

Beyond fresh produce, find household-friendly items like dashi soup packs, traditional Japanese tableware, and specialized knife stores unique to this downtown area. While numerous gourmet spots buzz on social media, note that many shops close around midday, making mornings the optimal time to visit. Tsukiji Market is an enchanting place where one can immerse themselves in Japanese tradition, culinary delights, and endless discoveries.


A Parking Lot With Cars And Trees

Harajuku and Omotesando

Tokyo's Vibrant Heartbeat. Where Innovation Meets Elegance.

Harajuku and Omotesando are known as Japan's trendiest streets and Tokyo's best people-watching. Omotensando Boulevard's flagship stores make it one of the world's foremost architectural showcase and shopping streets. 

No visit to the area is complete without stopping by a local secret, Nezu Museum, hidden at the very end of the boulevard.


A High Angle View Of People Sitting At Tables

Melodia Italian Grill

Delight in an Exquisite Dinner Experience

Wrap up your day with an exquisite dinner curated by Executive Chef Olivier Rodrigues at Melodia Italian Grill. Indulge in a top-notch dining experience meticulously overseen by Executive Chef Olivier Rodriguez and skillfully crafted by Executive Sous Chef Kentaro Yamamoto, presenting dishes akin to art. Following dinner, head to the adjacent Rhythmos Cafe and Bar for some digestifs. Indulge in digestifs alongside elegant and inventive cocktails crafted by talented bartenders. Immerse yourself in live music, unwinding for a relaxed evening.

*Please inquire with the hotel about the live music schedule.          

               A City Skyline With A Ferris Wheel            

A Dinner Cruise on Tokyo Bay

Unveil Tokyo Bay's Night Charm: A Dinner Cruise Experience   

For those seeking a vibrant night out as the grand finale to your Tokyo exploration, delight in a dinner cruise along Tokyo Bay. A dinner cruise in Tokyo Bay is tremendous fun. At Funasei, relish fresh sashimi and tempura while enjoying a traditional yakatabune cruise experience.

For those desiring an elegant cruising experience, opt for the MS Lady Crystal by Crystal Yacht Club offering high-end French cuisine dinner cruises.