IHG Business Rewards

When you make bookings on behalf of others, IHG® Business Rewards makes it worth your while. Earn points every time you book accommodations, meetings, or events at any of over 5,000 participating IHG® hotels worldwide. From board meetings and conferences to weddings and social gatherings, we reward you no matter the size of your event. Visit the IHG® Business Rewards home page to join now.

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IHG® Business Rewards Benefits

  • Earn rewards when you book accommodations, meeting rooms, and events on behalf of others, with no minimum threshold on qualified spending
  • Earn three IHG® Rewards Club points for every $1 USD spent at participating hotels
  • Earn points towards IHG® Rewards Club Elite status for you to enjoy during your personal stays
  • Manage just one account, with the same account number for IHG® Business Rewards and IHG® Rewards Club
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits from IHG® Rewards Club when staying with IHG® hotels for personal travel
  • Book up to nine hotel rooms with the Reservations Office and book directly at the hotel for any other needs, such as meeting rooms or wedding services
  • Enjoy access to our global catalog to redeem points for Rewards Nights, unique events and experiences, retail and restaurant vouchers, digital rewards, merchandise and entertainment, charitable donations on your behalf, and much more
  • Enjoy access to exclusive member-only offers and promotions
  • Receive complimentary Internet access when you stay at IHG® hotels