Tokyo attractions

Discover the Japanese Capital

Tokyo is full of spectacular sights to discover during your visit. Start by exploring the local area of Shinagawa, developed in the Edo period as the first town travelers would pass on their way to Kyoto along the Tokaido highway. Experience the Tokyo of centuries past by cruising the bay on a traditional yakatabune boat, before exploring the city’s famous historical, cultural, and commercial landmarks.


Tokyo Attractions

Ueno Park and Zoo

Ueno Park is a large public park that holds some of the country’s most renowned museums, including the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and the National Science Museum. It’s here that you’ll also find Ueno Zoo, the oldest in Japan. The park is one of the most popular spots to see the cherry blossoms in season.

Tokyo Skytree

At a height of 2,080 feet (634 meters), Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in Japan and the second tallest structure in the world. Come to admire the unparalleled views of the city, and when you’re done, explore Tokyo Skytree Town, located at the base of the tower. This large shopping complex houses the Sumida Aquarium and a wide range of stores.

Sensoji Temple

Head to Asakusa to visit Sensoji Temple, the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. A long, traditional shopping street leads from the main gate to the central complex, where you’ll find a beautiful five-story pagoda and the temple’s ornate main hall.

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

One of the most recognizable images of Japan, the arrival of the cherry blossoms is one of the most important events of the year. The most popular places to see the trees in bloom are Yoyogi Park, Asukayama Park, Arisugawa Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, Meguro River, and Inokashira Park. Cherry Blossom season usually runs from late March to mid April.

KitaShinagawa (Tokaido Shinagawa-Juku)

Shinagawa-juku was one of the 53 stops along the Tokaido highway, which connected Tokyo to Kyoto. Travelers heading to Tokyo would often buy new shoes or clothes here to prepare for their arrival. The history and importance of the town can be felt in its charming streets and landmarks.

Hamarikyu Gardens

Located alongside Tokyo Bay, the centuries-old Hamarikyu Gardens is a large landscaped garden in central Tokyo. The ponds, teahouse, and pathways perfectly showcase Japanese gardening techniques and aesthetics.

Yanesen & Yanaka Ginza

A world apart from the skyscrapers and neon lights that dominate much of the city, Yanesen is a quaint, historic neighborhood that emits a more bohemian, traditional vibe. Among the temples, shrines, and old-fashioned homes, you’ll find Yanaka Ginza, a buzzing shopping street full of stores selling crafts, food, and souvenirs.

Kabuki-za Theatre

The famous Kabuki-za (Kabuki Theater) is one of the best places to see kabuki, with performances held almost every day. Tickets can be purchased at the theater or booked online in English. There are even English headsets available to help you enjoy the show.

The Imperial Palace

Tokyo’s impressive Imperial Palace is built on the site of Edo Castle, which served as the seat of the Tokugawa shogun from 1603-1867. Today it is home to Japan’s Imperial Family and is surrounded by a park with a moat, stone walls, and bridges.

Happo-en Garden

Built in the early 17th century, Happo-en Garden is a picturesque and tranquil setting perfect for an afternoon stroll. Most of the bonsai trees here are over 100 years old, and one is over 500. Visit the tea house to enjoy a traditional tea ceremony.

National Museum of Nature and Science

One of Japan’s most celebrated museums, the National Museum of Nature and Science features a nearly endless array of exhibits, covering everything from the dinosaurs to outer space to modern technology.

Tokyo National Museum

For artistic works and archaeological artifacts, the Tokyo National Museum is Japan’s premier institution. Here you’ll find more than 110,000 individual items, including nearly 100 national treasures. Audio guides are available in English to help you make the most of the experience.

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingū) is one of Japan’s most popular shrines. It is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. The shrine grounds and neighboring Yoyogi Park make up a beautiful forested area that’s perfect for a peaceful afternoon stroll.


The National Museum of Engineering Science and Innovation, simply known as the Miraikan, offers educational exhibits and fun activities that are perfect for families with children or anyone curious about the world around us.

Edo-Tokyo Museum

For an in-depth look at the city’s past, spend a few hours at the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to experience the lifestyle, architecture, culture, politics, and commerce of Edo (Tokyo’s name until 1869).

The National Art Center

The National Art Center, Tokyo is one of the country’s largest exhibition spaces. The impressive building holds 12 galleries and hosts various art exhibitions that change regularly. Check their calendar to see what’s on during your stay.

Tokyo Disneyland

Opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland has become one of the city’s most popular attractions. The seven themed lands here are full of friendly characters, exciting rides, and interactive worlds to explore.