Chinese Afternoon Tea at China Shadow

A Table Topped With Plates Of Food

China Shadow offers an exquisite and lovely Chinese Afternoon Tea. Savor our Chinese afternoon tea with 4 kinds of Chinese savory, 10 kinds of Chinese sweets, and 6 kinds of Chinese tea selection. Enjoy the one-and-only afternoon tea experience that you can only find here. A perfect for girls gatherings and sweets lovers.

  • Date: May 9 - August 31, 2022    
  • Time: 12pm ~ 2pm *Reservation required by 3pm, one day prior
  • JPY 4,950  

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  • Menu: *Includes free-flowing Chinese Tea selection for 90 minutes.

Chinese Savory

  • Steamed vegetable crepe
  • Crispy shrimp & mango roll
  • Wok-seared squid with Ooba leaves
  • Goldsh shaped shrimp dumpling


  • Pu-erh tea pudding
  • Chinese pie
  • China Shadow’s special egg tart
  • Mango pudding
  • Almond with berry sauce
  • Malaysian style sweet red bean soup
  • Aiyu jelly with fruit
  • Honey castella cake
  • Matcha coconut ball
  • Black sesame red bean ball


  • Prices are inclusive of tax and subject to 15% service charge.
  • Menu items, duration and thours are subject to change.
  • Images are samples only.
  • Reservation required by 3pm, a day prior.