Weekday Exclusive: Night Strawberry Afternoon Tea with Champagne Free-flow

Afternoon Tea with a variety of strawberries after work


From February 3, The Strings offer a weekday exclusive menu where you can enjoy our popular strawberry "Strawberry Afternoon Tea" even at night. The offer includes a delicate and elegant Champagne, "Duval-Leroy" free-flow, and our popular truffle-flavored French fries, it's a great lineup that can be an alternative to dinner. Propose you a great way to enjoy afternoon tea after work in a modern elegant and sophisticated place.  

"Strawberry Afternoon Tea" features a collection of beautiful strawberry sweets from the views of any angle. The collection includes "meringues chantilly", a combination of crispy and snowy mellow meringue and fluffy cream, "strawberry & lychee jelly”, a beautiful layer of strawberry jelly in a glass, "Lamington", a lovely cube-shaped dessert as well as "Religieuse" which means "nun" in French, pairing custard cream with sweet-and-sour fresh raspberries, chou croquem decorated with fruity strawberries. The savory has a unique menu. The "Swordfish slider", which has an eye-catching flower-like strawberry slice, is accented with strawberry tartar source. In addition, the "foie gras mousse & strawberry jelly where the sourness of strawberries brings out the richness of foie gras, and "strawberry and Gorgonzola quiche" are all made with strawberries. You can fully enjoy the strawberry selection.

Duration:  February 3 – February 28, 2020 (available on weekdays)
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Time:  6:00 p.m.- 9:30 p.m. (L.O. 7:30 p.m.) *2 hours(30 min before L.O for Champagne fee-flow
Price: JPY 7,000 (subject to consumption tax and service charge)

  • <Sweets>
  • Amao strawberry Religieuse
  • Strawberry meringues chantilly
  • Strawberry cheese tart
  • Strawberry & lychee jelly
  • Strawberry Lamington


  • Swordfish slider with strawberry tartar
  • Foie gras mousse & strawberry jelly
  • Strawberry and Gorgonzola quiche


  • Plain and strawberry with clotted cream and jam


  • Truffle-flavored French fries


  • Red/white wine, beer, soft drinks including the champagne "Duval-Leroy" with 2-hour free-flow(until 30 min before L.O.)
  • Enjoy our free-flow tea selection of 20 kinds of coffee, tea, herbal tea, flavored tea and more.


*Subject to consumption tax and service charge
*Images are samples only.

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