Autumn Seasonal Cocktails【SEP&OCT】

Cozy up with delicious seasonal cocktails on chilly nights at Rhythmos Cafe and Bar. Our smoking cocktail ‘Late Summer’ features Japanese Shine Muscat grapes with a hint of Japanese dashi to give a mild flavor. Savor a taste of autumn with the divine ‘Autumn Dolce’, a dessert cocktail made with homemade potato shochu and sweet potato. 

5:00p.m.~12:00p.m. (L.O. 11:30p.m.)

Late Summer     JPY2,100
Pisco / Shine Muscast juice / lime juice / honey / bonito soup / passion fruit juice / smoked rosemary

Autumn Dolce    JPY2,100
Homemade sesame infused potato shochu / sweet potato / milk / homemade cinnamon syrup / vanilla syrup / black sesame


*Subject to consumption tax and service charge.
*Images are samples only.