Sizzling Summer Cocktails - Morning Dew and Harvest【JUL&AUG】

Photogenic, refreshing cocktails wait for you during this sweltering season at Rhythmos Cafe and Bar. July’s cocktail based with homemade kaffir lime Vodka is inspired by ephemeral morning dew and helps to cool down body heat. In August, get ahead of welcoming the beginning of autumn, harvesting season, to savor the unique cocktail featuring fermented Japanese ingredients including soy sauce and miso with homemade banana-infused barley shochu.

5:00p.m.~12:00p.m. (L.O. 11:30p.m.)

【July】Morning Dew    JPY2,100
Homemade kaffir lime vodka / kaffir lime cordial / vinegar & honey reduction / lime juice / coriander bitters / kaffir lime / homemade wasabi beans

【August】Harvest        JPY2,100
Homemade banana infused barley shouchu / coconut water / lemon juice / sugar syrup / soy sauce / miso powder


*Subject to consumption tax and service charge.
*Images are samples only.